Support to Artists

Support to Artists This new space is dedicated to artists and young talent that the association has chosen to support. New artists work will be showcased in this section so as to make them known and appreciated by the visitors to our site. Apart from the thrill of  the discovery-
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Testimony of a former student on Radio – Tehran

Translation of the radio broadcast about Dr. Hashtroudi : Abas Sadoughi on Radio - Tehran It is pertinent to point out that there was no radio broadcast about Dr. Hashtroudi since his death in 1976 until the recent special radio program brought out on him in 2013. This program was produced
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Creation of mathematical Prize Hachtroudi

Creation of mathematical Prize Hachtroudi ( Tehran ) Report By Abbas Sadoughi chairman "Report Mohsen Hachtroudi High school" The following is a brief report on some of the activities undertaken over the last 10 years in honour of Dr. Mohsen Hashtroudi (second district Tehran) by Mohsen Hashtroudi’s Cultural and Educational
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“Science and art are the best means of communication between people. Cultivate intercultural understanding and reap peace.”Prof. Mohsen Hashtroudi

Mohsen Hashtroudi was an outstanding scientist and a versatile scholar. Epistemologist mathematician, philosopher and poet, recognized in his country, Iran, and abroad, he collaborated with leading scientific centers before embarking on his own urgent interests: education and teaching in the spirit of the Enlightenment.

Founded in 1995, our association is called Mo-Ha for Mohsen Hashtroudi. It is the emblem. It’s about building in his honour a common heritage that is humanistic, with ethical rigor, faith in youth and a commitment to him. The Mo-Ha motto, since its inception has been “how to get better?”

Over the last twenty years, we raised our indignation by denouncing recruitments and segregation, abuse of power by the state and religions, diplomatic hypocrisy and sectarianism, elsewhere as here.

The lessons learnt from our experience can be summed up in one word: tolerance. Nothing is more effective in learning to respect differences and beliefs than cultural as well as multidisciplinary exchanges. They enhanced the intellectual strength of all the great minds from Rabindranath Tagore to Mohsen Hashtroudi.

Youth must present itself in old age, not as nostalgia, said the latter. It is for this youth, in Iran and elsewhere,  that the association intends to carry out the first literary festival French-Indo-Iranian ” At the crossroads of languages ” .

Mo-Ha has given proof to this through its many supporters (see history and archives). We thank them once again. We not only rely on them but on you as well. You who are motivated by the youth, you who believe in the creative power of art and literature as a vehicle for peace; you writers and artists; you women / businessmen and philanthropists; you concerned politicians, cultural officials; you youth who dare to dream, who believe in change and a better world.

For More Harmony in our lives Mo-Ha needs you, you …